Slightly famous

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How it all started

Like any good business, Slightly Browning Fake Plants was conceived by slightly intoxicated party banter. It all started in Brooklyn on New Year's Eve, 2017.

Photographic evidence of Brooklyn on December 31, 2017.

Photographic evidence of Brooklyn on December 31, 2017.

Kurt and Brian had had one or two too many and were intensely—but pleasantly—criticizing their hosts' home decor. Then, an idea hit them: these fake plant would look a whole lot better if they looked a little worse. At that moment, Slightly Browning Fake Plants was born.


How it all ended (up)


Our flagship product, the 2 Week Vacation, is top-of-the-line, both in terms of quality and lack thereof. It took enormous effort to bring a product like this to market. But after months of dedication and daydreaming, we finally convinced a manufacturer to produce it. The final result perfectly replicates a Boston Fern after two weeks of unwavering neglect.

This product is made from a combination of hard and soft plastic as well as concealed metal wiring. It’s manufactured in Guangzhou and assembled by hand in the United States, by the Founders. The pot and faux soil are sourced separately in the U.S.


The founders

Brian, Kurt, & Gerhardt, respectively

Brian, Kurt, & Gerhardt, respectively


Kurt and Brian are 2015 Harvard grads, former roommates, and, thus far, lifelong friends. Gerhardt went to the Harvard of the South, Georgia State University, but he holds the highest credentials of being Kurt's brother—a tall task indeed. This is a real family affair in that they may all as well be family by now. 

Kurt is a Senior Copywriter by day and Comedy Writer/Producer by night and also most of the day. Brian is a tech entrepreneur who started HelloToken and is currently launching Yada, a scalable workforce at your fingertips. Gerhardt is a Creative Director & Editor and, all around, hell of a guy.


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